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Writing letters!

The thirdgraders have got pen-pals in England. The last couple of weeks they have been writing letters telling about their favorite animals, colors and subject in school. They have also been writing about what they want to be when they grow up.

Some of the thirdgraders made quiz-questions for the english students!

It is fun to get to know our pen-pals in Bowes primary school!

Finally everyone wrote the address on an envelope.

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Our english blogg won 2 prices on Webbstjärnans competition. We won best blogg for the younger students and the price ”The webbstar of the year”. It is umbelivible! But true! William from preschool class, Renas and Dunya from second grade and Matilda and Wahib from thirdgrade were there to receive the prieces and bring them home to Stocksätterskolan!

This is when we won the price ”Best webbstar of the year”:

We will show you more pictures and movies from this great day but here is a short one:

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