My animals

Emil in thirdgrade has a lot of animals. He tells us about them:

Hey I gonna speak about my animals. 
My horses are so nice and 1 horse is fat. My horse name is Snö. My sisters horses name are: Prinsen and Flinga.
My moms horse name are Lif and Stormvindur. 

My hens are so nice but my roaster is not nice. He's attacking my family and me. He don't like anyone. He's name is Bengt sture! My hens name is: Cloudy. We only have three hens. 

And we have 3 dogs.  Apple is 1 year old. Kitty is 4 I think. 
And Bambi is 5 I think.
I don't know my Cats age. But her's name is Selma.
Bye bye. 

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