New presentations by the thirdgraders

The thirdgraders are writing texts about themselves. You can read them under ”Thirdgraders”, ”Jennys thirdgraders” and ”Presentations by Jennys thirdgraders”.

But they look like this:

My name is: Emil 
I am 9 years old!
My favorite day is: Thuesday and saturday.
My favorite movie is: Minions and Baby bossen.
My birthday is in September.
My favorite second is 8

Hi! My name is Lynx. I am 8 years old. My favorit day is Saturday. My favorit movie is trolls, duma mig 3,the baby boss, storkarna and Vaiana. My birthday is October. Bye bye. 

My name is Osama. I am
9 years old. My favorite
day is Monday. 


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