An english app!

The firstgraders are practising english on an app called Fun English from App Store. The app is divided into different areas. If you choose colors or animals it is free. When you pay you can practise on other areas  for example numbers, food, vehicles and the body.

This is a memorygame where you listen and match the colors.


This game is called Palette. You listen to the color and find the color on the palette. Sometimes you have to mix the colors.


If you choose the game Color search a voice is helping you color the room.

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Third graders

The third graders are writing texts about themselves. Here are Thea, Zeena and Huzefa. You can find them all under ”Thirdgraders”, ”Johans thirdgraders” and ”Presentations by Johans thirdgraders”.


My name is Thea. I am 9 years old.
My favoriteday is Wednesday & Saturday.
My favorite movie is Vaiana, Baby boss.
Bye bye💖❤️




My name is Zeena
I am 10 years old.
My favorite day is Friday and Wednesday.
My favorite movie is lolirok



My name is Huzefa. I am 10 years old. My favorite day is monday.
My birthday is in august.

Bye bye


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New presentations by the thirdgraders

The thirdgraders are writing texts about themselves. You can read them under ”Thirdgraders”, ”Jennys thirdgraders” and ”Presentations by Jennys thirdgraders”.

But they look like this:

My name is: Emil 
I am 9 years old!
My favorite day is: Thuesday and saturday.
My favorite movie is: Minions and Baby bossen.
My birthday is in September.
My favorite second is 8

Hi! My name is Lynx. I am 8 years old. My favorit day is Saturday. My favorit movie is trolls, duma mig 3,the baby boss, storkarna and Vaiana. My birthday is October. Bye bye. 

My name is Osama. I am
9 years old. My favorite
day is Monday. 


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