First grade

The firstgraders are practising color on an app called Fun English from App Store.

The app is divided into different areas. If you choose colors or animals it is free. When you pay you can pracise on other areas  for example numbers, food, vehicles and the body.


This is a memorygame where you listen and match the colors.


This game is called Palettet. You listen to the color and find the color on the palette. Sometimes you have to mix the colors.


If you choose the game Color search a voice is helping you color the room.

Mohanad and Nizam are born to be awesome!


Read these messages that Mohanad and Tim have on their clothes:

Emilia has a new t-shirt:


Arvid, Emil, Tim and Kevin count fro 1 to 50:

A song about the numbers from 1 to 10:

The Preschool class can count to 5 on many different languages, not only English!

Orwa knows the colors!


We love this sweatshirt Charlie is wearing!2016-12-20-10-34-45-1-1



Last Friday the preschool-class made scones. In England they eat it for breakfast or with the afternoon tea.


William loved it!


You can eat it with butter, marmelade or jam.



We celebrated Klaras birthday by eating English scones!


Arvid likes his scones with jam.


Norasia had butter and jam on her scones.



We can count to 10:


Norasia and Alicia speak some English:



Milkias, Klara, Tim and Hein Wai show us their english messages!

fil-2016-09-12-13-10-05 fil-2016-09-12-13-10-28 fil-2016-09-13-11-59-46 fil-2016-09-13-12-00-08

The Fingerfamily song by a bunch of preschoolstudents:


Alicia sings the Fingerfamily song!

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  1. Excellent! You are the best in English. I love the era Christmas Carol and Charlie’s sweater. You are the best! Good bye!


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