New presentations!

The thirdgraders are writing new presentations. They are now one year older and they tell us more about themselves! Soon you can read them all under ”Presentations”


My name is William.

I’m 9 years old.
I live in Hallsberg and Sweden.
I can speak English and Swedish.
My school is called stocksatterskolan.
My favorite subject in school is NTA.
My favorite animal is dog.
My favorite country is USA.
My favorite food is waffle.
My favorite number is 3.
My favorite sport is motocross.
My favorite candy is chocolate and licorice.
My favorite artist is Emil Arsgard.
My favorite colors are pink dark purple and blue.
My favorite ice cream is mandel.
My birthday is on the 14th of March.
My friends are Emil, Tim, Orwa, Eldana, Fiona,

Charlie, Klara, Alicia, Agnes and Milkias. My little brother is 4 years old.
My favorite fruit is strawberry.
My favorite brand is adidas.

I have one dog.
My dogs name is Daddy. My favorite emoji is 🤪. Goodbye


My name is Eldana.
I am 8 years old.
I live in Hallsberg.
I can speak Swedish and English.
My favorite subject in school is PE and Math and Art.
My favorite animal is panda.
My favorite city is Paris.
My favorite food is pizza.
My favorite number is 11.
My favorite sport is football and handball and basketball.
My favorite candy is chocolate.
My favorite color is black and white.
My favorite ice creams are mint and chocolate. My favorite friend is Fiona.
My favorite day is Friday.
My favorite YouTube is Leah ashy.

My birthday is on 20 November.
I have 1 sister.
I have no brother.
My favorite place to eat is Macdonald. My favorite app is tik tok and instagram. My School is called stocksatterskolan. My favorite thing to do is draw. Goodbye


Hello my name is Abudi.
I am 9 years old.
I live in Hallsberg.
I can speak Arabic and Swedish and English. My school is called Stocksatterskolan.

My favorite subject in school is Arabic. My favorite animal is cat.
My favorite sport is football.
My favorite food is pancakes.


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