The second graders play games to learn new english words. To learn by playing different games  is a great way of improving
your english. And it is fun!


This is the famous Domino with different levels. The secondgraders have so far tested nouns. They played it two and two.

This game is called ”the magic hat”. You have different cards, on one side you can see a picture, and on the other side you can read the word. You pick a card and try to say the english word, then you put it into the magic hat and out comes the word. You can also choose to read the english word and then say it in Swedish.

This i Bis. It is a card came and you can play it in different ways.

We played it i groups of 5-6 students. All the blue cards with words were handed out. The pack with the picture cards were faced down. One of the players pick up a card from red picture cards and and whoever has the corresponding word card matches them and sets them aside. The player who matches all his/her cards first, wins the game.


This is English puzzles. It has 4 different puzzles in it. And instead of putting the picture together, you read the words on the puzzle pieces and match them to the correct answer on the board.

The boards have different vocabularies. This one is with body, health and family.

If the answers are correct you will see a beautiful picture!


This game is called ”Make it 4”. It is a card game.

You collect different families by asking the others if they have your missing card. The families can be pets, seasons, food and shapes.


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